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Submitted on
September 26, 2009
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It is no mystery
That your lips only speak of fictional stories
You use to compose your identity
Not a word you speak has any resemblance with truth
For you are made of a thick façade of lies
Whether it be big or small, you care not
As long as there is no glimpse of honesty
Underlying in the words you speak
For the revelation of truth is what you fear most

I know that those lies masquerade
An overt denial of unpleasant realities
I know that deep down you are a tormented soul
That lies provide you with relief
A relief you long for
I know that you are a stranger in your own body
But you have lost all credibility now
Your lies are inconsistent
You are no longer a father
But a manipulative man
That only breeds chaos in our family

Your deception is no longer welcome
You, Dad, are no longer welcome in my life
Now it is my time to neglect you
The way you neglected me
For the way you abused my mother
For the emptiness you have left in my heart
As I grew up without a father
For all the promises you have broken deliberately
But even more so, for making promises
That you had no intention on keeping

Yes, I know that you use lies
To cover up the dirt of your insecurities
And I know that when you left me
You knew you left a big part of you
In the wilderness to grow up
Without fifty percent of the guidance I needed
But my mother and I are better off without you
Because you are too stubborn to admit the guilt
You feel in a small space in your heart
You are too arrogant to admit your faults
And you have too much pride
To apologise
And even if you did
It would be a lie
Because that has become your nature

You are the oxygen that abandoned my lungs
You are the blood that escaped my heart
And every time I pass my reflection in the mirror
I see you
The ugliness of you
That I inherited
I have all the physical attributes you have
Our faces are identical
But even worse
I have your mind
Your insecurities
Your stubbornness
Your emotional immaturity
Your weaknesses
I am ugly because of you

But there are things that I am proud of
I have compassion
The ability to respect
The ability to love
None of which you have
But all of which my mother has taught me
The beautiful woman you married
The woman you scarred
And yes the woman that survived
All of your abuse and emotional torture
The woman that has taught me the meaning of inner strength
The woman you imprisoned for years
Who finally escaped
From the bars of your lies
She is my inspiration
My idol
My mother

And most importantly
I am proud
That I speak the truth
And if I do not speak the truth
Then I refuse to speak at all
A quality you will never have
I am better than you, Dad
And I cannot forgive you
Because that would be betraying
The woman that raised me
The woman that loved me
The woman that gave me all that you didn’t

So please,
Do not try to look for me
I will never show my face to you again

You're a pathological liar.
Terrible poem yet again. But I needed to let this out. This is dedicated to the filth of a father I have.

©All rights reserved to me.
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JocelyneR Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
It is so true, I know one very well!

Beautifully written! :heart:
sesam-is-open Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010
zoran3000 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2010
I'm sorry for you're pain sweetie, I wanna give ya a big bear hug! And I admire you're honesty...and yes it's good to get it out. xxx
SunburntX Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010   General Artist
Gritty honesty. It's not terrible. It's so honest.
Immuniselectrun Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010
My father left us all also :S :hug:
Nipntuck3 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2010
Your a great girl, and it bought tears too my eyes, as I see what you feel from my own bringing up , and then Marred a man who did the same too me and our younger daughter , I hate he had for me the thread of taking me out of this world , the sexual abuse , and verbal abuse , for 28 years I lived that way, it didn't matter what happen to me, but what he did too our children have rip our children apart , he has not talk too them in nine years, My daughter is a great daughter and over came his absent, I'm the LUCK EST Mother in the world, because I HAVE my children and the love and support from each of them , and I thank GOD every day that I know longer live with his fears. My daughter is a beautiful young lady with a great head on her shoulders ,, just like you , and after years go by , she no longer his him in her mind .Thank you for sharing the hard life you lived, but by talking and writing your free your mind from the pain you feel. If there's anything I can say or do please let me know , I've been there....I'm so glad its come out in your writing ,and that you help any people that has buried it for years I thank you..
tas-poetry Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2010
Wow. I am so very sorry about your and your children's difficult experiences. I can certainly understand the pain. I feel very honoured that you shared this personal story. I really appreciate it. I can tell by your comment, that you and your children have come out the other end much stronger, which gives me hope that I will too so thank you once again for commenting on this poem. I feel grateful that someone can understand what I'm speaking about. Bless you and your family for what you've been through. :hug:
jarry85 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2009
I read this initially thinking it was to your lover and every word, sentence, line felt like you were talking to me.
It felt like it was directed towards something that was deep seated in me like a failed relationship I once had. Felt almost too personal, like a look into the mirror. Now I lie here and there but this felt like self reflection from another person's point of view. Thank you for those few life changing seconds.

Then I read it was about your father, then I got mad. Because then like all fathers, they are a part of us and we a part of them, hence I wonder f this poem would have made him stay with my mom. It is weird how people a thousand miles away can write things that your mouth, your heart and soul have failed to say for years. Write in a perspective so deep, so detailed, so well crafted as if they were writing for your own soul. That to me is a mark of a great writer.

And if not one comment were to be written about this poem, not one favorite tag or even view, I would still say it is a masterpiece. Because this is you, bare and naked, out fr the world to see and this my friend is special.

Thank you and never stop writing, not for a single insult not for a single praise, write for you.
dysfunktionall Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2009
This is absolutely amazing. I love how you express yourself. I'm a real fan of yours.
Aurorae-Eagle Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2009   Writer
I know what you mean, I despise my parents because I am their child, and I'm afraid I'll make their mistakes.

I'm scared I'll abandon any future children I have like my mother did to me.

I'm worried that I'll be racist and sexist like my father, instead of the open minded person I hope I am.

I'm frightened that I'll start only wanting sex from relationships, instead of love, and that I am lying about wanting love... So frightened, the first time I touched my ex intimately, I went into the next room and cried.
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